The Aboriginal community and the State of Victoria are working towards Treaty negotiations.

What's next?

Aboriginal Victorian people will vote to elect the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria in an independent election. The Assembly will be a voice for community as it works with the State of Victoria towards Treaty negotiations.

Voting is now open and closes 20 Oct 2019.

Voting is open now.

Are you an Aboriginal Victorian? Do you want to participate in the First Peoples’ Assembly elections?


What does
Treaty mean for
all Victorians?

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Aboriginal people in Victoria have never ceded sovereignty and have long called for treaty with government. Australia is one of the only Commonwealth countries that doesn’t have a Treaty.

Aboriginal people in Victoria have never ceded sovereignty

Treaties are necessary to recognise historic wrongs and to promote fundamental human rights. It is not about blame, but about stating the facts, and attempting to right the wrongs for a better future.

Treaties are necessary to right the wrongs